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Easynote - Tour and Features

A great task manager for
your business

A great task manager for
your personal use

Unlimited Projects, Tasks, File Attachments - Easynote

A World of unlimited opportunities

Easynote offers you unlimited features in order to make your job easier. We really don´t like limits!

Unlimited projects

Create unlimited projects and manage access to those in a very simple way!

Unlimited tasks

We really don´t like limits so you can create unlimited number of tasks in each project!

Unlimited functions

Unlimited access to all functions for all Easynote users!

Unlimited support

Our support is always ready and available for our users by phone, skype and email.

Easynote - 1 GB Free Storage

Keep your files in one place and never lose them!

"We offer you 1 GB of free storage to use and store whatever you want. You can add files to specific tasks or simply add them to the project. We also care about your files and backup of all your files every single night, 365 days a year!"

File attachments

Add attachments to your tasks easily and get an overview of all your attachments in your file manager (50mb file limit)

File browser

Use your storage not just for file attachments but to store your general files and access them anywhere from our cloud. We take daily backups of all your files!

Work together

Easynote has made managing, communicating, and collaborating with your team members incredibly easy. With a Easynote you can delegate tasks and projects, share your calendar, track the time spent on a specific task by team member, while easily communicating with everyone on your team.

Best Team Collaboration Tool and Task Manager - Easynote

Invite users

Invite other people to be part of your project to collaborate. Give and restrict access ton specific projects depending on the user. You are in control!


Simply allocate tasks to members of your project and track who is responsible for each task.

Keep track of all activity

With a live activity feed you can keep up to date on progress and see who of your team members has done what in your project in chronological order.


See all deadlines in a calendar view as well as who is responsible. This gives you and your team a timed overview of the project

Get notified

Customise your notifications and get updates to your email on specific tasks when they are completed.

Meeting minutes

Send meeting invites through Easynote and store meeting minutes, tasks and outcomes.

Knowledge Base

Easynote comes with great guides to get you started quickly. Our knowledge base is always up to date with the latest information so you can find anything you need in seconds.

You can find our knowledge base at any time at: https://help.easynote.io

Visit Easynote's Knowledge Base

Simple but Scalable

We have made Easynote very simple for you! Let us show you some other features available which are all available to both personal and corporate users.
That is the beauty of Easynote, it is great for personal use or for an enterprise with tens of thousands of users.

Notifications on Easynote - Free Task Manager


Turn on your email notifications and get notified on updates within your project

Export Files as PDF or Excel - Easynote

Export as PDF/Excel

Export your project list in PDF or Excel file formats

Upload own profile image - Work Together on Easynote


Upload a profile image so people can easy recognize who is doing what

Calendar on Easynote


See all tasks with deadlines in our great calendar view. We are working on Google Calendar implementation.

Questions and Answers on Easynote

Checklists (Subtasks)

Create unlimited checklists to each tasks and simply create subtasks within those checklists.

Timezones on Easynote


Set your project according to the timezone you live. Regardless of whether you have members collaborating from all over the world, you will be able to follow the deadlines in a simple way

Create your own Categories to Categorise your tasks


Categories are a great way to divide your tasks into different sections and helps you to stay even more organized.

Get Alert and Notifications on Easynote


Get alerts with sound and pop-ups displaying a message when your task is about to expire.

and many many more...


Would you like to have Easynote in your own environment instead?

We offer Easynote loaded running in your own environment on your own servers. This will give your enterprise control over information through their own vetted security system which is often a requirement for certain projects with sensitive information.

Contact us today for more information.

Easynote in action

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Easynote - Without limits!

Create your account today and join tens of thousands of happy Easynote users!