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Our customers love using Easynote because of its simplicity and efficiency as well as some great features!

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This is the most common thing we hear from our users and we are very proud of it because our users are our priority…..period!

We see our biggest advantage in the strong connection we have with our users. Easynote was created from a need and as a result every new feature that is released has stemmed from listening to what our users have to say. We love hearing what people love about it just as much as we love hearing what they don't like and how we can get better.

Easynote people are obsessed with the user experience and as a result always take every query and question seriously…...so tell us what you think!

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Companies & corporates started using Easynote to collaborate before we created our enterprise service!

The start of a project can be the most challenging part as you try to get a team working together to meet tight deadlines. We know from experience that introducing a new platform to an organisation has challenges ranging from buy-in to security. If you think easynote can help your team then we want to make it as easy as possible for you to implement it.

We offer Easynote, fully customised and loaded on your local server!

Private users

Whether it's a shopping list or a your lifetime goals, we love making it simple for you to organise so you can focus on getting it done!

With simplicity at our core we always guarantee that getting started will remain the easiest thing you have ever done. Every endeavour starts with a to-do list so as your lists grow from paper napkin plans to deadline driven charts we want easynote to grow with your ambition.

Use us to organise the small things in life or help drive your career, as long as you're happy with us then we are happy too!

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Did you know that there are 100 new members every day signing up on Easynote?

There is a reason why companies and private users just love using Easynote! Easynote was created with simplicity and efficiency in mind, fit for any purpose. It is great for your own todo lists but it also works great as a tool for team collaboration. There are tons of great features available!

Everything is created with simplicity and efficiency in mind and that's why our users love Easynote! It is fit for all purposes whether it be for your personal todo list or a large scale project. It just works!

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