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About Easynote

Founded in 2016, Easynote's mission is help teams work better, quicker and smarter. We have simplicity and efficiency at our core and believe that our product can make the world a better place.

If necessity is the mother of invention then easynote was born out of one project manager's struggle with and astronomical budget and sticky note instructions with nothing more than an expected completion date. With time being critical and tasks complex he was unable to find a simple and easy tool that he could customise to simply organise his team and set deadlines.

Easynote was created in his spare time while completing the project and of course used on it. The project team enjoyed it so he continued developing it and decided with encouragement from friends and colleagues to share it so other people in the same situation could use it as well.

Since the easynote was released several industry websites took immediate interest and started writing about some of our features. Major companies and institutions began to use it started to grow with over 100 new members every day. Easynote will always keep it simple as that is what our users love but constantly strives to innovate because that was how we were founded

On July 1st 2017 Easynote reached 14,900 members and is growing with almost 100 new members every single day.

This is what we believe in

We belive in people, we belive in passion and want to make a difference and that is why we have great team of people who love what they are doing, and that is why we have created Easynote together!


We really believe the best solutions in life are the simple one and this is how we work also


Only as a team we can achieve great things and on Easynote we are all equaly important!

Our customers

Our priority is to have satisfied customers, to offer what our customers want and to listen to our customers.

Passion & Quality

With great passion great things are being made and best quality is being delivered and this some very imporant to us!

Passionate people on our team

We are a great team of people who are passionate about Easynote and that´s why we have created an awesome product!


Nermin Hadzic


Kevin Hillier

Global Sales Manager

Sales Representatives Global


Alisa Fejzic (HR Responsible for Easynote)

(Italy & Southern Switzerland)

Herman Theodorsson


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